I. Introduction to Regenerative Grazing

Jane Jordan · January 30, 2021

This course provides the essential information required to teach and learn key topics in regenerative grazing, both the science behind it and the practical aspects of implementation. Each course module covers an essential topic in regenerative grazing, beginning with fundamental knowledge for new audiences. Lessons cover topics in greater detail, with content for more advanced audiences.

This course is divided into the following modules:

I. Introduction to Regenerative Grazing
II. Environmental Impacts of Agriculture
III. Regenerative Grazing in Context
IV. Healthy Soil
V. Healthy Forage
VI. Healthy Herd
VII. Adaptive Grazing in Practice
VIII. Row Crops, Cover Crops, and Livestock
IX. Infrastructure: Fencing Systems
X. Infrastructure: Water Systems
XI. Business Planning and Financial Management
XII. Grazing Plans

The first three sections of this module present the basic principles, practices, and benefits of regenerative grazing. The final two sections dispel common myths about regenerative grazing and explain how regenerative practices require new ways of thinking, learning, and doing.

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