The Pasture Project, in partnership with the Regenerative Ag Idea Network (REGAIN), is excited to offer a free training series on regenerative grazing for ag educators and advocates based in Illinois and Indiana (applicants from other states in the Upper Midwest are also invited to apply). The series will be held over eight weeks, starting the week of August 30th, and wrapping up the week of October 18th, 2021.

Deadline Extended: Applications to participate in the series are accepted on a rolling basis until 11:59 PM August 13th, 2021.

Applicants are also encouraged to apply for the Regenerative Grazing Mini-Grant and Scholarship Program.

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Agricultural educators, technical service providers, and advocates play a crucial role in building awareness of regenerative practices and supporting farmers who are interested in implementing them. However, many of these professionals lack the basic exposure, knowledge, and experience to encourage successful regenerative grazing in their areas. The Pasture Project is offering a free education series for agriculture educators, technical service providers, and advocates focused on building their basic knowledge and support of regenerative grazing.

This educational series will increase regenerative grazing awareness and knowledge among participants that serve Indiana and Illinois farmers, specifically. The goal of the series is to broaden and strengthen the community of people who can advocate for regenerative grazing and support farmers in navigating resources and opportunities to implement these practices. Additionally, many educators and advocates who serve farmers operate in relative isolation. This series is designed to build a stronger and a more interconnected network of regenerative grazing advocates in the Upper Midwest through an integrated cohort structure.

Training Structure

This series will be held over eight weeks, starting the week of August 30th and wrapping up the week of October 18th, 2021. Participants will have between three to five hours of content to review each week at their own pace, in addition to a weekly office hour on the topic of that week, featuring a technical expert and a Q&A session.

The series will be offered entirely online via REGAIN’s online platform. Participants will have access to the “Regenerative Grazing for Soil Health” curriculum, which employs a module-based format that integrates webinars, video tutorials, quizzes, and more to deliver content. The curriculum content will be largely self-guided, with a recommended week-by-week schedule from the series facilitator.

Participants will also be able to engage with each other via an online discussion group on the platform and weekly office hour calls with technical experts. The weekly calls will be recorded but participants are expected to attend as many as possible.

Participants are also invited to attend in-person regenerative grazing field days hosted by the Pasture Project in Illinois.

Training Overview

Check back to this page for updates on our featured technical experts!

  • Week 1: Introduction to Regenerative Grazing, The Environmental Impacts of Agriculture, & Regenerative Grazing in Context – featuring Gregg Sanford
  • Week 2: Healthy Soil – featuring Megan Machmuller
  • Week 3: Healthy Forage – featuring Laura Paine
  • Week 4: Healthy Herd & Adaptive Grazing in Practice – featuring Teresa Steckler
  • Week 5: Row Crops, Cover Crops, & Livestock – Jim Isermann
  • Week 6: Infrastructure: Fencing & Watering Systems – featuring Gene Schriefer
  • Week 7: Business Planning & Financial Management – featuring Jim Munsch
  • Week 8: Grazing Planning – featuring Serge Koenig

Live sessions will be held weekly for each cohort – one at 1 PM and the other at 2:30 PM on Thursdays.

Who Should Apply?

Consider applying for this training if you have any of the following roles:

  • University Extension educators and other staff
  • County, state and federal government agriculture and conservation staff
  • Nonprofit agricultural educators and technical assistance providers
  • Farmer networks
  • Non-profit conservation organization staff

Applicants who are based in Illinois and Indiana or serve producers and other agricultural stakeholders in those states will be prioritized, but applicants from other states in the Upper Midwest are also invited to apply. Applications are due by July 23rd, and selected applicants will be notified within one week of the application deadline.

This program will prioritize funding for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color)-led organizations and organizations that work in historically underserved communities.

Application Requirements

  • Applicants must be members of the Regenerative Ag Idea Network (REGAIN) – make an account here if you haven’t already—it’s that simple! And free!
  • Complete a short (> 15 min) application

Grazing Mini-Grants

Applicants for this series are also encouraged to apply to REGAIN’s Regenerative Grazing Mini-Grant Program. This program is designed to support educators in furthering their own professional development and organizational capacity around regenerative grazing instruction. Funds are available for professional development scholarships (up to $500) and organizational grants (up to $1,000) for attending or hosting workshops, developing educational materials, and more!

Read more about the program here.