Farmers: Where to Start

New to REGAIN? Here’s a quick guide to some parts of the site that may interest you:


Interested in brushing up on skills like fencing for adaptive grazing? REGAIN’s courses page can be a great place to start! More and more courses are being added to REGAIN over time.

Events Calendar

Want to see what regenerative agriculture events are coming up near you? Check out the REGAIN events calendar!

Resource Library

Looking for a guide on a particular practice? Take a look at the resource library by topic area – and don’t forget to search sitewide by clicking the magnifying glass in the upper right of REGAIN!

Discussion Groups

Some discussion groups of interest might be the Grazing Cover Crops group or the Silviculture and Silvopasture group. There are many discussion groups, but you may find that some groups are more researcher or farmer-educator facing.