REGAIN Partners

Created and supported by the Wallace Center, REGAIN is cooperatively run. One of the platform’s core functions is to provide partners with the forum and functionality to engage new and existing audiences, advance their organizational activities, and be more connected to aligned efforts. In doing so, REGAIN builds the capacity of the individuals, organizations and networks working to advance regenerative agriculture. Learn more about our current partners below and let us know if you’re interested in becoming a partner!

Catalyze the development and adoption of resilient, scalable agroforestry.

Support the development of and transition to a new generation of multi-functional agricultural systems in the Upper Mississippi River Basin and adjacent areas that integrate more perennial plants and other continuous living cover into the agricultural landscape.

Find, connect, train and amplify the leadership of farmers and eaters who use their choices and their voices to shape a more just and regenerative local food and farm system.

Equipping farmers to build resilient farms and communities.

Advance environmental stewardship, economic resilience and strong, diverse communities through farmer-to-farmer networking, education, demonstration and research

Develop partnerships, pilot new ideas, and advance solutions to strengthen communities through resilient farming and food systems.

Bring together university faculty, farmers, policy makers and others to study relationships between farming practices and profitability, the structure of the food system, the environment, and rural vitality.

Provide leadership and education to farmers and consumers for the advancement of managed grass-based agriculture to benefit present and future generations.

Educate, inspire, and empower farmers to thrive in a sustainable, organic system of agriculture.