REGAIN leverages peer-to-peer knowledge of regenerative agriculture practitioners to increase regenerative agriculture practices, support profitable family farms, protect vulnerable ecosystems, and improve agricultural communities. By helping people be more connected and work better together, REGAIN supports broader environmental, economic, and social shifts through agriculture.

REGAIN acknowledges the past, present and future leadership of Black and Indigenous people in the regenerative agriculture movement. Many regenerative practices are rooted in the long-standing stewardship and cultural traditions of Black and Indigenous communities, yet this is too often omitted, mischaracterized, or actively erased. REGAIN supports regenerative agriculture efforts that honor and integrate: 

  • Indigenous knowledge, practices and leadership, 
  • current on-farm and academic research, 
  • cutting-edge technology,  
  • community-based approaches, 
  • equitable participation of all peoples.  

To this end, acknowledging and addressing racial and other social inequities must be priorities for REGAIN and the modern regenerative agriculture movement. While the Wallace Center and REGAIN partners are not experts in racial equity, we are committed to understanding the full history of U.S. agriculture and how our efforts can mend not only the soil, but also human relationships with each other and the land.  For those on a similar journey, we suggest the following articles: 

Created and supported by the Wallace Center, REGAIN is designed to be cooperatively run. One of the platform’s core functions is to provide partners with the forum and functionality to engage new and existing audiences, advance their organizational activities, and be more connected to aligned efforts. In doing so, REGAIN builds the capacity of the individuals, organizations and networks working to advance regenerative agriculture.

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