Office Hours


Office Hours are a chance for you to connect with fellow regenerative ag experts, advocates, and practitioners and learn from their work and expertise. If you’re interested in hosting a session or have a suggested speaker, please reach out!

REGAIN Office Hours are currently on pause. Feel free to reach out with comments or suggestions!

Past Office Hours: Community Organizing for Agricultural Climate Change Resilience

Session 5 | Organizing for Food & Climate Justice in Florida, with Erica Hall

Wednesday February 9, 2022 | 1 – 2 PM CT

We’re excited to hear from Erica Hall, Board Chair of the Florida Food Policy Council and longtime advocate for climate justice, social equity, and economic resilience. Erica will discuss the Florida Food Policy Council’s work in community organizing for climate change resilience and her experience in grassroots organizing, advocacy, and training initiatives in urban agriculture, food policy, neighborhood revitalization, community economic development, and more. Please join us!

Session 4 | Community Connectors & Community Landshare, with Antonio Alba Merez

Wednesday January 19, 2021 | 1 – 2 PM CT

Antonio Alba Merez is the Program Director for the Community Land Share, Community Connector, and Neighborhood Garden initiatives. These programs work to address food insecurity and land access are the priorities in Northfield, MN. The programs allow community members to rent a farm plot and grow nutritious and cultural foods for their own consumption or as enterprise development. Finally, Sharing Our Roots provides structure, support, training, and networking opportunities for Community Connectors to mobilize their neighborhoods and enact positive change within their communities. Antonio will be joined by Community Connector Lina Nyaronge for his presentation. Please join us!

Session 3 | Friends of the Mississippi River, with Trevor Russell

Wednesday December 8, 2021 | 1 – 2 PM CT

Trevor Russell and Erin Meier collaborate through the Mississippi River Restoration & Resilience Initiative (MRRRI). MRRI works to advance river-related policy and funding opportunities at the federal level by aiming to strengthen community resilience to climate change and reduce flood risk by restoring floodplains, riverine wetlands, delta and coastal wetlands, and backwaters. Trevor will provide an overview of MRRRI’s work to improve the river corridor’s ability to absorb pollution from excess rains and slow the flow of water by supporting farming and other practices that improve upstream soil health and water storage. Please join us by registering here!

Session 2 | Climate Land Leaders, with Teresa Opheim

Wednesday November 10, 2021 | 1 – 2 PM CT

Teresa serves as Project Director of Climate Land Leaders with Sharing Our Roots. The Climate Land Leaders program is dedicated to bringing landowners together to help tackle the climate crisis by establishing conservation goals for their land. Climate Land Leaders facilitates a peer-to-peer landowner network to increase plant and animal diversity on their land, keeping their soils covered and roots in the ground year around and planting trees and shrubs on cropland. Teresa will share how the program aims to restore prairie and savannas and wetlands by improving nutrient management on their crop ground and much more.

Session 1 | Monroe County Climate Change Task Force, with Bob Micheel

Wednesday October 13, 2021 | 1 – 2 PM CT

Bob Micheel, Monroe County Land Conservation Department Director, will share his work on the Climate Change Task Force with Monroe County in Wisconsin. After years of extreme weather events in the region and three consecutive years of devastating floods, Monroe County formed the Climate Change Task Force, the fourth such county-led effort in Wisconsin and the most rural. It is now a model for regional planning, assessment, and climate action. Bob will reflect on the challenges and successes of the last three years and share what is ahead for Monroe County and the Task Force. 

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