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Conservation Observance Day at the Schoepp Farm, Lodi

Schoepp Farm, Lodi, WI N2007 E Harmon Rd, Lodi

@ET-DC@eyJkeW5hbWljIjp0cnVlLCJjb250ZW50IjoicG9zdF90aXRsZSIsInNldHRpbmdzIjp7ImJlZm9yZSI6IiIsImFmdGVyIjoiIn19@ 2022 Event Evaluation Thank you so much for your interest in this event! We are committed to sharing agroforestry practices with a wider community.…

Value Chain Coordination CoP Call

The goal of these monthly calls is to build connections between people coordinating value chains, solve problems together, and share what works best. Calls will…