Conservation Grazing Basics

Jane Jordan · February 6, 2024

Learning Objectives 

By the end of this module, participants will be able to:  

  • Gain a historical analysis of the ties between public lands and Indigenous history of grazing and the Land Back movement  
  • Describe the benefits of regenerative grazing practices for public land grazing  
  • Navigate relationships with potential land graziers, local community, and hunters  
  • Identify management goals with grazing and be informed on how to ensure public land is ready and adaptive for grazing needs 
  • Refer to a comprehensive list of resources to utilize on public land grazing  


This module aims to provide public land managers with a practical understanding of the necessary steps to including grazing livestock on the public lands they manage. The first two sections outline the history of public land grazing and connections to Indigenous stewardship. The following two sections outline how public land managers can navigate leasing and working with livestock graziers to integrate grazing on public lands – from selecting the appropriate grazing style and frequency to accounting for infrastructure needs. The final two sections instruct public land managers on how to effectively communicate the incorporation of grazing livestock with neighboring private landowners and community members. The final section includes space for reflection on the success and mitigation of issues that may arise out of the grazing arrangement.

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