Healthy Forage

Jane Jordan · March 2, 2021

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the Healthy Forage module, participants will be able to:

  • Explain why most “weeds” are actually beneficial in pasture.
  • Describe the benefits of forage plant diversity.
  • Name the three primary plant types that make up a good pasture
  • Define “latent seed bank.”
  • Describe at least two types of forage diversity.
  • Define “bale grazing” and name at least two reasons why it’s beneficial.
  • Define “stockpiling.”
  • Explain how grazing can be used to control undesirable species.


Diverse pasture forage plays a key role in regenerative grazing. Cultivating a diverse mix of forages can benefit soil, provide better nutrition for cattle, increase overall production, decrease supplemental feed costs, lengthen the grazing season, and help create a continuous forage chain.

The goal of this module is to inspire workshop participants to learn about the plants in their pastures, assess the diversity of their forages, and take action to promote diversity in support of their grazing goals.

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