Healthy Soil

Jane Jordan · February 26, 2021

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Explain why living microorganisms are an important part of soil health
  • Define “soil organic matter” and describe at least two benefits of organic matter in soil
  • Explain in their own words how soil’s natural nutrient cycle works
  • Explain how synthetic fertilizer can harm soil
  • List at least three of the five principles of soil health and explain how they impact soil health


Soil health is the foundation of regenerative grazing, so this module is an important component of the curriculum. The primary goal of the module is to present soil as a complex, living ecosystem that can naturally support productive forage. When you understand soil’s natural processes, it’s easier to see the benefits of regenerative practices.

In the Key Components of Healthy Soil section, beginning graziers and participants without agricultural science backgrounds will benefit from topic overviews and examples. Advanced audiences will benefit from the more detailed information, including evidence from research studies. The Benefits of Healthy Soil and How to Build Healthy Soil sections have important information for all audiences.

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