Financing Soil Wealth Financial Calculator

Author: Croatan Institute


The Calculator is designed to help agricultural practitioners and investors understand the long-term economic impacts of transitioning to regenerative farm management. The Executive Summary describes each of the management scenarios based on the various customizable inputs (see next section, Assumptions) including the crop rotations and net income for each management scenario. Net income is further broken down by year and totals over six-year periods and the full 18 years. This data shows when and what crops are profitable based on the management scenario, crop rotation plans, and risk from drought. Charts and visuals automatically update to help further explain these trends. Figure 1 shows how annual net income changes under different management scenarios over the total 18 year crop rotation timeline and Figure 2 shows the cumulative (running total) net incomes. Figures 3, 4 and 5 break down the sum profitability of individual crops under each management scenario.

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