Marketing for Agroforestry

Author: Savanna Institute

Description: If selling at least one product or generating income is a goal of your agroforestry practice, then, it’s important to consider how you will market the product(s) you want to sell. Agricultural marketing includes all the activities producers do in order to promote and sell products to consumers. In this module, we will review the basic elements of marketing and how to create a marketing plan for an agroforestry enterprise. Specifically, we will cover the following topics and lessons in this course:

Module Overview
Essential Questions
Learning Objectives and Content Topics
Lesson 1: Agroforestry Marketing
Farmer Voices
What Trees Should You Plant?
1.1 What is marketing?
Reflection Questions:
1.2 Market research: Is there demand for the product?
Reflection Questions
1.3 Product form: Raw vs. value-added
Reflection Questions
1.4 Price: At what price will you sell the product?
1.5 People: Who are your target customers and market channel(s)?
1.6 Place: Where will you sell the product?
1.6.1 Direct Markets
Supplemental Resources
1.6.2 Wholesale Markets
1.7 Promotion: How will you promote the product?
1.7.1 Develop your brand and value proposition
1.7.2 Determine how to communicate brand and value proposition to the target customer
1.8 Summary: Putting it all together
Reflection Questions
Supplemental Resources

Who should take this course? Those new to agroforestry, beginners, and dreamers. Throughout the course, we purposefully refer to people as agroforesters, practitioners, stewards etc., recognizing that not all people interested in beginning agroforestry projects identify as a farmer. Additionally, agroforestry projects can get started in rural and urban locations and everywhere in between. We also welcome those wanting to learn more about agroforestry in order to teach others the benefits of agroforestry. Regardless, whether you’re looking to diversify your income or landscape, or to help and strengthen your community, agroforestry has a lot to offer.

So let’s get started!

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