Perennial Crops and Practices

Author: Savanna Institute

Description: The crops and practices people use in agroforestry vary across the landscape based on site characteristics (soils, climate, water availability, geomorphology) as well as the goals, values, and resources of each practitioner. For this reason, agroforestry looks different at each site and across landscapes. This course walks you through the characteristics, considerations, pros and cons, and economics of each of the five core US agroforestry practices and 12 of the most promising crops. Throughout the material, we provide opportunities to pause and reflect on the topics you are learning about as well as your personal preferences and goals.

Deciding which crops and/or animals to include and how agroforestry will function at your site will be heavily influenced by the site characteristics as well as your preferences and resources. This course will help you learn about the common agroforestry crops and practices and reflect on how agroforestry can work for your situation and goals. Once you’ve made a plan, implementing the plan can happen gradually. Remember that agroforestry doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing endeavor–it can be all-or-something!

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